Wednesday, January 3, 2007

And now ... I enter the world of Blogging

This is my first blog and I am not sure as to what a blog should contain. I have not been through a lot of other blogs. So, as I usually do, I will carry out blogging in my own way and hope for it to be a success. Anyway, I feel there's no right or wrong way of posting blogs. So, I will be mostly be posting my thoughts on various stuff that I find interesting.

This posting of blogs reminds me of Star Trek - "Captain's log - Date: 20070103: ...". I am a big fan of Sci-Fi and get a lot of my inspiration from it. Mixing Science with Science Fiction and trying to develop on it is a great hobby of mine. I hope to strike big with some invention in the near future!

That's it for my first blog. Over and Out.


Oscar said...

hey Anil.. nice to see your blog... guess now we can blog some interesting info...

Anonymous said...

I am working on a new theory. It has been observed by CERN laboratory in Switzerland a few years ago, that at the time of high energy collision, the generation of matter and antimatter and decay of the resultant photons back into nothingness when photographed using high speed (one billionth ) of a second camera, the picture looks exactly like HINDU OM written in the sanscrit script????

NOw once the visual form is known of all material creation, I am now trying to marry that to the sound creation by man and how that sound closely correlates to the OM script. And you know what, I have found that series of sound ( what our rishis called the mantra) that very closely matches OM!!!!!